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Access Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Dash, Ethereum, Gridcoin, Blackcoin and Omni Layer with all of its assets from one unified interface. Easy and instantly, right from this website. No software downloads required.

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We follow industry best practices and guarantee that your money is safe. We utilize both hot & cold storage. With almost zero conversion and transfer fees. Anyone can use cryptocurrencies.

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HolyTransaction Trade

Our new service is called HolyTransaction Trade to convert bitcoin into FIAT Currency and vice versa via Bank Transfer, ATM and Virtual Bank Card.

Our Latest Blog Posts about Bitcoin and the Blockchain

08/12/2016 No Comments

Saxo Bank Bitcoin Prediction for 2017

Today the Danish investment bank published its Saxo Bank Bitcoin Prediction for 2017, where it explains that wouldn’t be surprised if the bitcoin price will see huge growth during next year. Saxo Bank, in fact, recently published its annual “Outrageous Predictions for 2017”, a list of speculations that represent its effort to get financial industry […]

08/12/2016 No Comments

Blockchain Copyright US Commerce Department

Blockchain Copyright will be the major topic to be discussed by the US Commerce Department on Friday 9th November, 2016. The even is organized by the Internet Task Force department, supported by the US Patent and Trademark Organization (USTPO), the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), the International Trade Administration (ITA) and the National Institute of […]

06/12/2016 No Comments

Federal Reserve Blockchain Paper: read here

The US Federal Reserve Blockchain Paper is a new research about distributed ledger technology published by the American institution. This new paper is about blockchain applications for payments and transaction settlement. It was written by a research group composed by the Federal Reserve Board and botht the Federal Reserve Banks of New York and Chicago. […]

05/12/2016 No Comments

Russia Bitcoin recognized by tax authorities

The uncertainties about the relationship Russia Bitcoin were finally disappeared. In an official document published a few days ago on November 29th Russia’s federal tax service expressed its new position regarding the legality of Bitcoin use and transactions. In fact, the document finally explained that there is no legal prohibition of digital currencies in Russia. Russia Bitcoin […]

02/12/2016 No Comments

Bitcoin Price today Breaches $750

The Bitcoin price today keeps growing up over the value of $750. This is the sixth time that bitcoin price breaches $750 since mid-November, as revealed by the CoinDesk USD Bitcoin Price Index. Bitcoin was subject to much volatility during a low trading volume, as CoinMarketCap data showed that during the session, the 24-hour trading […]

01/12/2016 No Comments

Bitcoin Gifts for Christmas? Here some ideas

Are you ready for Christmas? Do you want to buy some Bitcoin gifts for you friends and parents? When Christmas is approaching, every year begins the race for the perfect gift, but unfortunately presents get harder to think. The choice narrows every year, especially if you make a gift to the same people every year. After […]

29/11/2016 No Comments

Ernst and Young Bitcoin accepted in Switzerland

Ernst and Young Bitcoin:  the Swiss branch of global professional services firm will accept the cryptocurrency-kind of payment next year. Starting in January, Ernst and Young Switzerland will allow bitcoin for invoice payments, as the company explained in a new press release. Switzerland, Ernst and Young Bitcoin: a profitable relationship The Swiss firm will also open a new […]

28/11/2016 No Comments

Senegal cryptocurrency for the underbanked

Senegal Cryptocurrency may become the first of its kind, as it will be based on its national fiat currency. A few days ago, Senegal introduced eCFA, a new virtual currency which is currently in development. This cryptocurrency was born thanks to a collaboration with Banque Regionale de Marches (BRM) and eCurrency Mint Limited. BRM bank, financial […]

25/11/2016 No Comments

Black Friday Bitcoin: Happy Shopping!

Bitcoin Black Friday Today Europe and America celebrate the well-known Black Friday, a special day when you can buy everything you need at a special price. But we, in the Bitcoin World, want to celebrate our Black Friday Bitcoin, so let’s read this article and happy shopping with digital currencies. As you might know, thanks […]