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Our Latest Blog Posts about Bitcoin and the Blockchain

23/02/2017 No Comments

Value of Bitcoin: the digital currency’s higher price

The value of bitcoin has grown a lot in the last period, reaching its all-time high set back in 2013. According to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index, at the moment the value of bitcoin is less than $30 below the maximum ever value of $1,165.89 reached on November 30th, 2013. This latest rise comes after bitcoin’s longest ever period […]

22/02/2017 No Comments

Blockchain investments: all the fintech services in one infographic

From American Express to Goldman Sachs and Deloitte, a lots of financial firms decided to make blockchain investments. To provide you a insightful and easy to read, we want to share with you the following infographic originally published by CB Insight. Even if the quarterly deal activity reached its lowest point since Q2’14 in Q4’16, […]

21/02/2017 No Comments

Europe Bitcoin report published by the EU Parliament. Read it here.

Below you can read the full Europe Bitcoin research published by the European Parliament a few days ago. It is related to the blockchain technology and digital currencies, exploring distributed ledger use cases including digital payments, patent protection, smart contracts and online voting. This research provides an educational point of view for EU’s legislative members, […]

20/02/2017 No Comments

Bitcoin regulation is necessary for its success, said Bank of Canada

According to a recent paper published by Bank of Canada, researches explain that Bitcoin regulation is necessary for it to reach worldwide success. A paper published this week, in fact, suggests that digital currencies like bitcoin won’t succeed in the long-term without any government support. To write this research, experts examinated the viability of virtual currency, looking […]

16/02/2017 No Comments

Blockchain Regulation in Europe: everything you need to know

Today I want to explain you everything you need to know about the Blockchain Regulation in Europe. Recently, in fact, the executive arm of the European Union government revealed that is working on the blockchain to “support” distributed ledger-based projects. According to this new official press release published on February 7th, the Commission is looking for growing […]

14/02/2017 No Comments

Matchpool: a blockchain startup to find love

Of course everybody knows that today we celebrate Valentine’s day, so I want to dedicate this article to the blockchain startup called Matchpool that aims at helping you to find love. “When I looked at the dating industry, I saw it was expensive to reach a critical mass of users and open a niche dating […]

13/02/2017 No Comments

Gamecredits wallet: the ultimate guide about Gamecredits

A few days ago we at HolyTransaction decided to allow you to store a new digital currency on our platform, by creating a Gamecredits wallet.  Gamecredit is a new payment gateway for the gaming industry that aims at avoid limitations and challenges linked to the traditional payment solutions. This digital currency is backed by its blockchain […]

13/02/2017 No Comments

Blockchain Properties: bitcoin tech to verify property transactions

One of the major use cases for the distributed ledger can be identified as “blockchain properties“, or the way to register and verify property transactions on the blockchain. A few days ago, the first government to do so was Georgia that signed an agreement to use the blockchain to verify property transactions by using the […]

10/02/2017 No Comments

Fair Coin Wallet: everything you need to know about this cryptocurrency

  HolyTransaction recently added a Fair Coin wallet system on its multicurrency wallet, so we want to make sure you know everything you need about this digital currency. Faircoin is a digital currency that strives to have low fees for its users, by implementing the Proof-of-Cooperation system by the end of 2017, Faircoin aims of becoming […]