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Our Latest Blog Posts about Bitcoin and the Blockchain

hold bitcoin
26/04/2017 No Comments

Price tripled in 1 year: why you should hold bitcoin

Bitcoin price is nearing its all-time high price of $1,277, maybe because of the impressive growth within the Japanese bitcoin industry. Read here why you should hold bitcoin. Experts argue that bitcoin price will increase consistently in the mid-term if Japan and the US sustain their growth and if small markets such as India will […]

26/04/2017 No Comments

A new proposal for the Bitcoin block size debate: UASF

Amid the Bitcoin block size debate, an anomymous developer recently talked about a project related to a new solution called UASF or user-activated soft fork. Many in the community are skeptical about this proposal, but there are enough circumstantial evidences to back it up, and a new movement is growing in the hopes of pushing through the […]

bitcoin block size
25/04/2017 No Comments

Bitcoin block size: UASF updates its proposal

A controversial Bitcoin block size proposal has been upgraded. UASF, in fact, is a new idea proposed by a pseudonymous contributor called Shaolingfry. She/he wants to solve the bitcoin block size debate with a user activated soft fork (UASF), a possible method arount the actual deadlock over the Segregated Witness (Segwit) solution. Right now, the need […]

24/04/2017 No Comments

Decred 1.0. claims to have a decentralized governance

Decred, a creation of Bitcoin developers, rolls out decentralized governance, claiming a first in blockchain technology. Decred is a cryptocurrency project and platform built from the ground up to leverage the will of its constituents to drive change. This approach eliminates the conflicts that arise when powerful entities attempt to assert control over a cryptocurrency. […]

nasdaq blockchain
20/04/2017 No Comments

Nasdaq Blockchain: new investments in more startups

Nasdaq Blockchain – related venture initiatives include new investment in distributed ledger based startups. Today Nasdaq Ventures announced it has decided to invest in startups and companies that work with blockchains and/or artificial intelligence, next-generation data analysis and machine learning. Nasdaq Blockchain budget is $10m to be awarded to deserving startups that are focused on […]

bitcoin users
19/04/2017 No Comments

Bitcoin users growth: read the University of Cambridge’s research about cryptocurrencies

According to a recent research conducted by the University of Cambridge, bitcoin users number has increased by four times in five years. The research explains that bitcoin active wallets surged from 8.2 mln in 2013 to nearly 35 mln in 2016, suggesting that the number of active wallets ranges from 7.5% to 30.9% of the […]

18/04/2017 No Comments

Bitcoin in Japan: a new way to evaluate blockchain projects

While there is lack of clarity related to the regulation of Bitcoin in Japan, one of the Japanese government ministries has worked to develop a new way in order to evaluate projects related to the distributed ledger tech. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), in fact, announced a few details about this new methodology, […]

17/04/2017 No Comments

ZCash Bug: team releases software fix

A ZCash bug has been discovered a few days ago and now the development team has released a new software update to fix this denial of service (DoS) vulnerability. In fact, in a new blog post, Zooko Wilcox and Paige Peterson – both developers at ZCash – explained how the bug could allow an hacker […]

intesa sanpaolo blockchain
12/04/2017 No Comments

Intesa Sanpaolo Blockchain: a new trial for recordkeeping

The newest Italian Banca Intesa Sanpaolo blockchain – related  project has been tested with the main goal of validating trading data. Thanks also to a partnership with Deloitte and the Italian startup Eternity Wall, Intesa San Paolo started to test a new proof-of-concept at the end of 2016. Heart of the project is the open-source OpenTimestamps protocol, […]